Across the US on Monday, women and allies gathered to protest Donald Trump

Women and Allies protest Donald Trump

Across the US on Monday, people from all walks of life gathered to protest the election of Donald Trump. Organized by the group, Women and Allies Strike Out and Protest, the rallies had the mission of convincing the electors who comprise the Electoral College to reconsider who they vote for, before the Dec. 19 vote.

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Over 2,500 protestors took to the streets of New York City, and women and men of all ages carried signs and chanted rhymes such as, “racist, sexist, anti-gay — Donald Trump, go away!”

The NYC women and allies protest marches up 5th avenue.

A group of protesters marches up Fifth Avenue towards Trump Tower.


Caitlin Abber

As they marched from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower, the protesters were met with cheers from supportive onlookers, as well as taunts. It wasn’t uncommon to hear someone yell, “Trump won, get over it!” or even the occasional, “Hillary sucks!”

That didn’t deter the protesters, however — in fact, it only made them chant louder.

Volunteers as young as 22 organized rallies in some 20 other cities, from New Haven, Connecticut, to Houston, Texas. All told, thousands of people took part in Monday's actions, though the organizers are unsure of an exact number. While some were outdoor events like the protest in New York City, there were smaller, more intimate gatherings in cities such as Houston, where a group gathered to strategize and participate in performances. 

A group gathers in Houston, Texas.

A performance during the rally in Houston, Texas, is shown here.


Kandice Webber

“Women and Allies are in this for the long haul in Texas, and we have a lot of organizing to do locally, to support change in Texas and nationally,” said Aida Rageai, one of the main organizers of the rally in Houston. “Russian interference in our national election has only solidified our resolve to make changes and have our voices be heard. We cannot blithely go along with whatever is presented to us. We have the right and the obligation to stand up and speak.”

A group gathers in Houston, Texas.

A group strategizes at the rally in Houston, Texas.


Kandice Webber

The goal of the Women and Allies Strike Out and Protest events has been to make sure the Electoral College knows how they feel about the people impacted by much of Trump’s rhetoric and that, his detractors will not stand idly by as their rights are threatened. 

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“In just three weeks, feminist activists across the US mobilized thousands of Women and Allies to protest in the streets of our country,” said Ann Massaro, who was in charge of organizing the New Haven rally. “Voices were united and loud [in saying that] we will not tolerate Trump's hate and tyranny, women's rights are human rights, and most importantly right now, the Electoral College who is meeting on Dec. 19 must vote him out.”

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