We asked millennials to share their slogans for the 2016 election. We want yours, too.

UnConvention Slogans

There's no doubt the 2016 election will go down as one of the most bizarre in American history. Between the mystery surrounding Hillary Clinton's missing emails and Donald Trump's objectively offensive remarks about almost every minority, we will have enough content to fill textbooks for years to come.

But, is there a lawn sign or slogan that can sum up all the hot takes and heated debates in one clever sentence? As part of The UnConvention, we asked millennials to share one phrase they think encapsulates the 2016 election. Here's what they had to say.

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Join us for a week of The UnConvention events in New York City from October 17-21, exploring the issues and views of millennials, in partnership with 92Y and Mic.

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