Quiz: How much do you know about Cuba's unique spot in immigration law?

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cuban immigrants exodus 1994

Would-be emigrants launch a makeshift boat into the Straits of Florida towards the U.S., on the last day of the 1994 Cuban Exodus in Havana, September 13, 1994.

Rolando Pujol Rodriguez

When President Barack Obama arrived in Cuba, it was the latest turn in a major shift in US-Cuba relations away from animosity and skepticism.

However, it will take more than a presidential visit to totally defuse the decades-old tension. Leaders of both countries will have to address many existing policies and laws that have not changed for years, including the trade embargo and the quirk in US immigration policy that almost encourages Cubans to migrate here.

This quiz will help you understand the immigration law popularly known as the "wet-foot, dry-foot policy" that has helped more than one million Cubans migrate to the US since the policy was enacted in 1966. At this point, Cubans are the fifth-largest foreign-born group in the country.

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