How Hodor Became the Heart of “Game of Thrones”

Studio 360

Like Sailor Moon and Ron Swanson before him, Hodor belongs to a special league of TV characters who have become memes. There's fan art, a smartphone app, GIFs,supercuts, and lots(and lots) more.

Nairn is well aware of how much power he yields as the actor behind the most beloved character on the internet's favorite TV show --- the most pirated show of all time. And he's using this unique position to promote his other passion:house music. When Nairn isn't shootingGame of Thronesin Ireland, he's touring the planet spinning house. And Nairnisembracing the world's bottomless enthusiasm for his TVgig. His tour is titled "Rave of Thrones" and fans are encouraged to come dressed up as their favorite characters from the show.

Nairn has had more time to focus on music in the past few years as his character's storyline has been put on hold byGame of Thrones' writers. "I missed him last year. I missed the costume, even though it smells," Nairn says, pointing out that his woolen getup reeks of death. After an episode featuring Hodor and his gang slaughtering rabbits, the wardrobe department covered his already-thick costume in rabbit carcasses. "If you look closely, you'll see little rabbit feet and asses. There's ears and stuff hanging off the costume. There are little faces. It lives in props. You can literally smell it before you see it."

In the meantime, new Hodor-related content is being created almost daily online, thanks to fans. He even gets to cross fantasy worlds and have a chat with another monosyllabic character.