The Country’s First Voter?

The Takeaway

Wayne Gilbert listened to The Takeaway in his hometown of Rapid City yesterday morning and heard Jerry Bloomer from Hot Springs say that he voted at 9:30 a.m. MST on September 21st. Wayne voted at 8:30 a.m MST that day – a full hour earlier – so he left a comment on our website to say that he might be the first voter.  
He always votes early, and he heard on the radio that the polls were open on September 21st, so he decided to go in and get it over with before work that day.
The Pennington County Courthouse verified that Wayne did vote on Fri., Sept. 21st, but it could not verify the time.
Gilbert said that he’s a “minority” in South Dakota, because he voted for Barack Obama, and that he’s not at all concerned that there’s still a month to go because he says nothing would make him change his mind.

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