When Human Rights Workers Cross The Line

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Nebraska police officer Kathryn Bolkovac went to Bosnia in 1999 and discovered western officials were involved in trafficking of young women. She talks with anchor Marco Werman about her new book, “The Whistleblower: Sex trafficking, military contractors and one woman’s fight for justice.”
DynCorp International’s response to charges made in our interview by author Kathryn Bolkovac.

Ms. Bolkovac’s limited first-hand knowledge of the company ended more than a decade ago with her employment on one program at a predecessor company, and she has no basis for making comments on the company as it exists today.
Since the time of her employment the company has changed ownership and leadership several times; developed a strict Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which includes a zero tolerance policy on human trafficking; created the position of Chief Compliance Officer; introduced global training programs; and has taken a number of steps to ensure a compliant, ethical, successful workplace.
We are proud of the work that we have done over the years to further strengthen the company and, most of all, we are proud of our employees who work around the world to ensure the best possible support for our customers.
Background for your Understanding
Ms. Bolkovac’s allegations were made more than 10 years ago, were thoroughly investigated, and were aggressively and responsibly addressed.
More than a decade ago, at the time of Ms. Bolkovac’s employment, Army Criminal Investigative Command (CID) authorities investigated human trafficking allegations in Bosnia. CID found “that neither DynCorp nor its employees were involved” in human trafficking, and found the Company to be “extremely cooperative and helpful” throughout the investigation.
In addition to cooperating fully with the CID investigation, DI conducted its own investigation. As a result a handful of people were fired, the Company reviewed and strengthened its procedures and policies, and integrated into its companywide training and employment agreements specific information about human trafficking and policies to prevent it. DI notified the Department of State and the United Nations of the results of its investigations and the actions taken to insert additional safeguards to prevent trafficking, and both were satisfied with DI’s actions.

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