Human trafficking

V Sailakshmi, 39, says sex work helped pay for her sister's wedding and for her father's funeral

‘We are demanding full decriminalization’: Sex workers in India rally for labor rights

Women & Gender

Sex work is technically legal in India, but workers say they face stigma, harassment and violence — especially by the police. In recent years, sex worker collectives have formed to demand full decriminalization of sex work and recognition of their labor as worthy of protections and rights.

Police officers with guns drawn patrol the streets of Haiti

Haitian police: Foreign hit squad killed President Moïse

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A worker wearing a yellow safety hat inspects disposable blue gloves at a factory.

US human trafficking report elicits anger from several countries

Human rights
Rohingya refugees who were intercepted by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency off Langkawi island, are escorted in their boat as they are handed over to immigration authorities, at the Kuala Kedah ferry jetty in Malaysia, April 3, 2018.

A US report shows big strides on human trafficking. Advocates say the message is misleading.

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A young man stands in front of media surrounded by other men

South Korea reels from latest high-tech, online sex trafficking case

Sexual violence
Two women walk with their hands clasped together as they're surrounded by a crowd of reporters

How sex traffickers use modeling contracts to lure young women

Sexual violence

Prosecutors say financier Jeffrey Epstein allegedly found underage girls through a man who promised the women modeling contracts in the US. How common is this scheme to snare women into trafficking rings?

An old woman stands in front of a table in a home.

‘A classic tale of human greed’: California caregivers earn as little as $2 an hour

Throughout California, many of the workers in elderly care facilities face inhumane conditions, wage theft, and abuse form their employers. Despite efforts from the state, many of these crimes go unpunished and workers are left with few options.

A woman sits with her back to the camera surrounded by other women

Traffickers used Russia’s World Cup to enslave us, say Nigerian women

One advocate estimates more than 2,000 Nigerian women were brought to Russia on fan IDs and many are still in slavery.

A woman is shown with a colorful purple and white scarf over her head and her hand held against her face.

Satellites to survivors: 5 goals for the anti-slavery fight in 2019

From technology such as satellite imagery, decent jobs for survivors and stronger action from companies and governments, here are five priorities for the global anti-slavery movement in 2019.

A street is shown filled with many women with arms raised rallying against prostitution.

Prostitution takes center stage as Spanish feminists rally to eliminate violence against women


Tens of thousands of people dressed in purple, the color traditionally associated with the women’s liberation movement, marched through the streets of major cities from Barcelona and Madrid to Seville and Toledo to mark the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Similar protests took place around the world, from Japan to Turkey to Rwanda.