What can US schools learn from other countries?

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All week long we are ‘Getting Schooled’ on the Takeaway ? talking about the big issues in our schools today and how things are changing, now that No Child Left Behind is being revamped and the Department of Education is disbursing $100 billion in stimulus money. We kick off the conversation by taking a look at why American schools do so poorly in comparison to other industrialized countries and what we can learn from them.

We speak to Linda Darling-Hammond, Professor of Education at Stanford University and author of the book ?The Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future,? and Tony Wagner, co-director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School and Author of ?The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach The New Survival Skills Our Children Need and What We Can Do About It.?

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