Thai court orders prime minister to step down

The World

A year ago Sundaravej was hosting two popular TV cooking shows, and his political career seemed to be over. Then he was elected to prime minister but he didn’t want to give up those cooking shows and he taped several more episodes. Today that decision came back to sting him. A judge said Sundaravej violated the constitution which bans government ministers from moonlighting. He was immediately removed from office. Sundaravej has an image of being a man of the people and that image is something that this cook warns to. She had no problem with Sundaravej being a cook and prime minister at the same time. This woman nearby is not so sure Sundaravej’s cooking prowess made him a good prime minister. Critics say that Sundaravej lacked the ability to listen to his opponents, who are now cheering his removal from office. The removal alone may not be enough to get the protesters to go home. The protesters say they’re protesting bad politicians, but not everyone is buying that. This former labor union leader says the protesters should calm down.

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