Team CoCo headed to cable and TBS, by way of Eugene, Ore.

The World

Conan O’Brien might be legally prohibited from being funny on television (for now) but yesterday “Team CoCo” announced O’Brien will be heading back to TV on TBS this November. O’Brien also launched his new live tour, “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour” last night in Eugene, Ore.

We talk with Matt O’Brien, who is a writer for Conan’s shows. He explains the job of a comedy writer for television and for the live show. We also talk with TV blogger Delaina Dixon about the repercussions of Conan’s new deal with Time Warner, the cable company that carries TBS. We also check in with reporter Jes Burns, of KLCC in Eugene, to find out how the first live stage show went.

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