Taliban step up attacks

The World

I’m currently following the troops through poppy fields which follow as long as you can see. There’s been no firing yet today. this General says there’s no sign of threat yet as we approach a compound. There’s nobody around this compound so we enter to search for explosives. There’s some small arms fire and grenade fire so we’re going back to see what’s going on. This military officer says this area is known to be a Taliban stronghold and is known for its poppies as well, which the Taliban use to fund their operations. Some intelligence has come in that points to an area close to where the helicopters first came down. By the time they reach the bunker the bombmaker had fled. It was only when we returned to the landing area to be picked up that they were ambushed. Most of the team is quite in the open and forces tried to surround us. it was quite frightening. The troops came back to the compound and the Canadian forces are out securing an area for a helicopter landing but the Taliban troops are still around. The objective for the day was to try and find a particular individual and that hasn’t happened so is that a failed mission? This officer says the mission wasn’t failed.

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