South Korean flight attendants

The World

This is one of a dozen private schools for instructing flight attendants. This instructor says about a quarter of her students, the sum pool of whom is mostly women in their 20s, land cabin crew jobs, which is pretty solid numbers considering that one open spot usually attracts thousands of applicants. This student believes that South Korea’s location has a lot to do with the career’s popularity. Her classmate says that being a flight attendant is prestigious. The desire to travel and be a cosmopolitan icon has attracted women to this profession throughout the history of commercial aviation, according to this researcher. She says in America, because of the feminist movement, that glamour has been eroded over the years. in South Korea and throughout Asia, beauty could still be a deciding factor. This aspiring flight attendant says when it comes to looks, many girls at her school are very competitive. Flight attendants aren’t the only South Korean women whose appearance might affect their getting hired, and this woman says even college educated women can’t depend on getting hired. Employers often think it’s best to hire an attractive woman.

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