Second torch to summit Everest

The World

When the torch relay began a few weeks ago, the relay was split into two torches. The second one was supposed to be kept in Tibet but many doubt it has stayed there. the torch is now expected to arrive at the Tibetan side of Everest and the Chinese say they’ve figured out how to keep the lamp lit so it can ascend Everest. The plan is to broadcast live at several points along the route, culminating in an ultimate Chinese moment, planned for early May, weather permitting. This filmmaker who has filmed from Everest multiple times says this plan is brash, but he thinks the Chinese can do it. some Tibetans have weighed in on the matter. One prominent Tibetan protest group voiced their protest about the plan at base camp. This year the Chinese have effectively closed the Tibetan side of Everest to make sure protests don’t happen. They’ve also gotten Nepal to clear the south side of Everest. On the Tibetan side of Everest, China’s climbing team has been in place at base camp since March�31 climbers in total, assisted by 60-some staffers from China’s state television. The filmmaker says the Chinese are very familiar with climbing Everest, having first done so in 1960�a large, military style expedition. One of the three climbers who made it to the summit in 1960 was Tibetan, and since then every Chinese climb has included Tibetan participants, which makes the expedition that much more politically complicated. The unrest between Tibetans and Chinese and the protests along the other torch relay so far has given corporate sponsors cold feet. Yesterday the German company Audi announced it would scale down a PR campaign surrounding the expedition.

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