Race to build the tallest skyscraper

The World

This engineer says in 1974, going to Dubai was like stepping into the past. That engineer is now senior construction manager for one of the largest construction teams in the Middle East and they’re working on the largest commercial building a few miles away from what will be the tallest skyscraper. That building has fueled a building race in the Middle East. The building will be a mile high. Rumors are circulating that such a building will also be built in Saudi Arabia. The proposals are filling the bank accounts of engineers and architects. This analyst says tall buildings are popping up in the Gulf because there’s a lot of oil money here and the ground space to build this high, unlike in North America or Europe. He says prestige is also involved, and Dubai is using the building to attract more economic attention. But how do you actually build such a large building? The construction manager says one way to counteract the wind towards the top of the building is by using a massive counterweight at the top. Then there’s the problem of moving elevators up such a length.

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