Qatar’s diplomatic balancing act

The World

When violence erupted in Lebanon a month ago, Qatar came to the rescue and acted as a mediator between both sides of the conflict, whom they flew to a five-star hotel in Qatar’s capitol. Eventually they helped broker an agreement. before the agreement, Lebanon was pitted in fighting after a year and a half of tensions. But now supporters of both sides have put up �Thanks Qatar� signs. Qatar has taken similar actions with other regional countries as well. With 15% of the world’s natural gas reserves, Qatar’s GDP has been growing and its citizens have one of the highest GDPs in the world. This analyst says that economic comfort has given Qatar confidence into entering in diplomatic relations with countries across the world, even Israel. Qatar has also hosted Iran’s President. Israel even has a trade office in Qatar, a major taboo in most of the rest of the Arab World. The US Central Command and Al Jazeera both have headquarters in Qatar’s capitol. This analyst believes that’s all a reflection of Qatar’s strong Prime Minister and other leaders.

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