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25 years ago, Coke switched its famous secret recipe to “New Coke.” The change caused Coke fans everywhere to break out in hysteria until the soft-drink company brought back Classic-Coke a few months later. We look at how Coke has managed to keep its fans so devoted to its secret recipe over the years. We also take a look at why America’s great secret recipes remain compelling from one generation to the next.

Todd Wilbur, cookbook author, has carved out a niche by reverse-engineering popular foodstuffs into his own, cloned versions of highly secret recipes. Coca-Cola? He’s got his version. KFC coleslaw? He’s figured it out. He’s jotted down a few of his favorite stories and “cloned” foods for us ? check it out!

We started the conversation about this yesterday: Kristie Ann Chauvin Etzel writes on our Facebook page: I make a Cajun Cake to die for! Everybody loves it! It has pineapple in it and the topping is cooked on the stove like candy! It is soooo yummy!

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