Obama’s choice for national security advisor

The World

Retired Four Star General James Jones is a former commander of NATO and has been awarded a silver star for valor in Vietnam. By choosing someone with those kinds of military credentials to be national security advisor, Obama is sending a message according to this foreign policy expert. He says this is not going to be an administration that’s reluctant to use force when necessary and won’t distance itself from the military. The job of the national security advisor is to run the NSE and in that sense the analyst says he or she is like an air traffic controller for the president. People who have worked with James Jones say he has the potential to be an outstanding national security advisor. This commander who led James Jones in a complicated operation in Iraq in 1991 and under those challenging circumstances, James Jones proved to be a masterful leader. Jones also grew up in France and speaks fluent French, he went to the school of Foreign Service in Georgetown and also played on the basketball team. Jones has also served in a diplomatic role at the Pentagon. Those skills should serve Jones well. In the past this analyst says some national security advisors have been little more than paper shufflers, but ultimately it’ll be up to Obama to decide what kind of role James Jones plays as the national security advisor.

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