Muslim cleric faces extradition

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British authorities say Hamza’s fiery sermons in the 1990s helped turn a mosque in London into a haven for radical Islamists and had a notorious reputations where extremists could meet. British police raided the mosque in 2007 but they didn’t arrest Hamza until the following year when he was picked up on a US extradition warrant. The charges against Hamza included providing material support to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, conspiring to wage violent Jihad against the US, trying to help set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon, and assisting terrorists in Yemen during a 1998 incident that ended with the deaths of four hostages. The high court today in Britain today allowed Hamza’s extradition to the US. this analyst says Hamza has made many statements in the past that will work against him if he goes on trial in the US. this is someone who has praised Bin Laden and the 9/11 hijackers. His lawyers could appeal to the EU’s Court of Human Rights and this analyst says the process took a long time because the US used a new EU-US agreement. Hamza’s lawyers say he should not be put on trial in the US because evidence against him might’ve been obtained through the use of torture, but that argument failed to sway two high court judges in London today.

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