Military intervention for Zimbabwe

The World

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader was unambiguous today: there should be military intervention. But the question is, how likely is that intervention against Mugabe? This analyst says it’s very unrealistic: who would do the intervention, considering all possible scenarios require a UN mandate? That’s because South Africa and China have strongly opposed military intervention in Zimbabwe. Even if those countries were to agree to intervention, who would lead it? This analyst says the US or Britain definitely would not because of Iraq. This analyst adds that Western soldiers don’t belong in Africa, especially because of the history of colonialism or other military blunders, such as Iraq. He says Africans must take the lead with this issue, specifically South African President Mbeki. It’s unclear if the African Union could send an intervention, and this analyst cites the Darfur peacekeeping mission as an example of one under-resourced mission. This UN spokesman said all possible solutions will be discussed in the upcoming days, but at this point the next move is up to Mugabe.

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