Making the cut in the college admissions game

The World

This is the week that many high school seniors have waited for all year: College admissions offices are hustling to make their final decisions on who is in and who is out. It is surely not an easy process. But, for many students, the admissions game isn’t over when they find out if they’re admitted or not ? they still need to find out if they have financial aid. And this year, as colleges feel the brunt of the recession, those financial aid decisions are getting harder and harder.

Kathleen Kingsbury, education correspondent for The Daily Beast explains how the recession is changing admissions decisions this year.

We also find out how finances factor into the admissions process with two people charged with overseeing the process: Monica Inzer, dean of admission and financial aid at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY and Audrey Smith, dean of enrollment at Smith College in North Hampton, Mass.

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