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AG: lots of suggestions. This is an efficient summary from a listener in San Francisco. He says an angry people is a prerequisite and the people must just be grouped together and have them group for rebellions. That email was fro a 7th grader.

Here’s another suggestion: what is needed is a Neolithic revolution of 12,000 years ago, or the urban revolution of 6,000 years ago�a new way of living. He does go onto to argue the need for local cooperation as opposed to brute economic competition.

For a speedier suggestion, Dave in L.A. suggested people must be convinced their faults are caused by their leader. This is done through a carefully planned PR campaign, and then you encourage rebels to kick of a frenzy, followed by black ops to move in on the leader but blame his downfall on the rising insurgency.

There were some gentler suggestions too: you can always count on the boss to do your organizing for you.

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