Lebanon’s first family loan bank

The World

Lebanon’s First National Bank says it’s offering customers the chance for a better family life. Doctors at this hospital prepare to break a patient’s nose. Many of the bank’s customers have taken out loans with the bank’s plastic surgery loan program since the bank launched the program a year ago. The director of the medical center says the loans aren’t driving his business by any means but the loan program is still a good idea. Promoting having children is the bank’s next program. The marketing director for the program says Lebanese couples have higher than expected rates of infertility, up to three times of the international average and research suggests the country’s instability plays a role in that. Lebanese couples are also getting married later than before which increases the likelihood of infertility. So the marketing director thought he could help his country, make some money, and generate buzz for the bank. Health insurance plans don’t cover infertility programs in Lebanon so the program gives low insurance loans of up to $7,000 for infertility treatment.

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