Iran’s ties in Lebanon

The World

More than 60 people were killed in recent violence in Lebanon. Under the resolution, the seaport and airport blockade will end, armed gunmen will leave the streets, and Hezbollah will guarantee that it won’t use its weapons to settle political differences. Hezbollah’s #2 man says he wants to reach a settlement with no winners or losers and international interference won’t help any sides. Some have accused Hezbollah of getting outside advise and even orders from Iran. This man is a former Lebanese ambassador to the US and says you can trace Hezbollah’s recent actions directly to Iran. He calls Hezbollah a totalitarian party modeled on Iran. Hezbollah members say that kind of talk is nonsense. This Hezbollah official says no one has been able to prove that the party is Iran’s puppet and compares Hezbollah’s relationship with Iran to the Lebanese government’s relationship with the US. This man says the government’s members have Saudi, French and American citizenship whereas Hezbollah families have been in Lebanon for thousands of years. one thing both sides agree on is that Iran does not want a Lebanon in chaos but that Iran does want to hold control in the country.

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