Iranian views on nuclear stand-off

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The World

�I think it is everyone’s right to have nuclear material.� �Ever since the President has come to power, he is focusing in public speeches on the nuclear issue as though it is the only issue of importance in Iran.� �There are issues which are also important.� JL also met with a teacher who said he doesn’t think the nuclear issue is that important either. He’s more worried about education and inflation. (So these new sanctions won’t get the Iranian people to rise up and ask to stop the program?) Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Iran is rich with national resources so financial problems are the only thing which will get people to rise up. (Sometimes the Bush administration suggests the Iranian people will rise up. How much do people support the government?) Iranian people stick to tradition and tradition supports the government. (People here in this part of Tehran would like more development though, no?) Men don’t suffer from this matter and Iran is a male-dominated society. So they have to respect this law. (How much freedom do you have here?) Criticizing the government is somewhat possible. There are red lines though. All together we can talk about social issues.

LM asks JL: Is there anything in speaking to people that has surprised you? JL: The amount of dissent expressed. Ordinary people feel free to talk. The government is much less willing to talk to foreigners and less open.

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