Global Hit – Anna Ternheim and Missy Higgins

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The World

We feature two artists in today’s Global Hit. Both are female singer-songwriters.

One from Australia, the other from Sweden. First up, from Stockholm Anna Ternheim. Anna Ternheim’s 29-years-old.

She made it big in the Swedish music scene in 2004. That’s the year she won a Swedish Grammy for Best New Artist. Now, Anna Ternheim’s is making her way to these shores with her new CD.

It’s called “Halfway to Fivepoints.” Ternheim wrote most of the material. But she does do one cover song on the album. It’s a stripped down, acoustic version of this Fleetwood Mac tune.

That’s Anna Ternheim’s version of the song Little Lies. The other singer-songwriter making a splash in her own country is Missy Higgins.

Missy Higgins is from Melbourne, Australia. She’s 23-years-old. Higgins has picked up a few of Australian Grammy awards.

This song is from her new album “On a Clear Night.” It’s called Steer.

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