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Afghanistan is often referred to as America’s other war. And that’s often all we know about the place.

For today’s Geo Quiz, we meet someone who learned a lot more about Afghanistan by studying the country’s traditional costumes.

19th century wedding dress, red satin19th century wedding dress, red satin

Shelia Paine is her name.

Shelia Paine with the MujahideenShelia Paine with the Mujahideen

And she’s an expert on embroidery. The list of places she’s visited to study and collect embroidered dresses, shawls and the like… is long.

?I’ve been to some very dangerous and difficult places Afghanistan for one, and also east and west Africa through Eritrea and walking thru a mine field in Sudan because that was the only way to get into Sudan I’ve travelled a great deal in Central Asia, in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan places like that.?

Aknif ‘Red Eye’ Cloak, Atlas MountainsAknif ‘Red Eye’ Cloak, Atlas Mountains

We want you to name just one of the places Sheila Paine’s visited. It’s a country in South Asia that has a coastline along the Arabian Sea — and a long, dangerous border with Afghanistan.

Hear more about Paine’s travels — and find the answer…

Today’s Geo Quiz had us searching for a country in South Asia that borders Afghanistan.

Dark blue wedding dress, 19th centuryDark blue wedding dress, 19th century

The answer is Pakistan. It’s just one of the many places Sheila Paine’s visited. Paine is a photographer and author (Embroidered Textiles )from Britain. But her real passion is embroidery.

Zoroastrian wedding shawl, 19th centuryZoroastrian wedding shawl, 19th century

She’s spent a lifetime looking for beautifully embroidered dresses and fabrics from around the globe. Her collection of Islamic and Central Asian traditional costumes is being auctioned by Christie’s.

Listen to our interview:

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