Geo answer: Bhutan

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The World

Today’s Geo Quiz we head due south of Tibet. We’re in a country known as “Land of the Thunder Dragon.”


That would be Bhutan. The nation is officially a monarchy. But today it’s in the news as the world’s newest democracy. Bhutan’s first parliamentary elections have just been held.


It was the King’s idea. He pushed his subjects to hold the vote. We’re not going to ask to name the winner. All we want is the name of this country’s capital city.


For today’s Geo Quiz we were looking for the capital of a country squeezed between China and India… a country also known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.”

The answer is Thimphu, Bhutan.

Thimphu, BhutanThimphu, Bhutan

And the BBC’s Chris Morris is there covering Bhutan’s first ever parliamentary elections:

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