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Grab on to your saddle for today’s Geo Quiz.

More than 200 horses from 48 countries are being flown around the world in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. They’ll be taking part in Olympic equestrian events. First, organizers have to gather all the horses in the right place.

And that place, Olympic equestrian venue has got everything a horse and rider could ask for.

“They’ve got wonderful big air conditioned stables, stunning areas the horses can train in, there’s air conditioned indoor riding schools, they’ve got numerous misting fans, great big fans where cold water is blown out of them and the horses will be standing there, all the facilities they could possibly dream of here”.

So where in China are the horses getting over jetlag with a roll in the hay? It’s not Beijing, we’ll give away that much.

The rest is up to you.

We’re tracking some four-legged Olympic athletes for today’s Geo Quiz.

More than 200 horses from around the world are being flown in this week to compete in equestrian events at the Summer Games. You might expect them to be heading for Beijing. But they’re not.

219 horses from 48 countries are arriving this week at Sha Tin, a district of Hong Kong.

Hear our interview with Martin Atock, managing director for Peden Bloodstock, the company that’s in charge of transporting the Olympic competitors to Sha Tin.

According to the International Equestrian Federation ( ) “The disembarkation process of the horses, their attendants and the vast amount of equipment that was flown in ran extremely smoothly. The horses underwent preliminary tests immediately upon arrival and were declared to be remarkably well. They were in the stables less than two hours after landing. So, while human passengers were still queuing to have their passports checked and collect their luggage, the horses were enjoying a good roll in the shavings.”

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