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We’re heading to a small Welsh coastal town for today’s Geo Quiz. The town is somewhat isolated geographically. But Mayor Sue Jones-Davies says the place has some great things going for it.

?It’s on Cardigan Bay. It has the most beautiful sunsets — they are literally known the world over. It’s got lovely hills either side, so it’s nestled in a valley with a lovely two rivers coming into it. It’s fabulous!?

But Mayor Jones-Davies does have one quibble. She regrets that the town banned Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.”

Graham Chapman and Sue Jones-Davies from the movie “Life of Brian”Graham Chapman and Sue Jones-Davies from the movie “Life of Brian”

After all, the mayor used to be an actress and, yes, she played Brian’s love interest in the film.

Now Brian, you may recall, was an ordinary fellow who was mistaken for the messiah and hounded by thousands of believers. In this scene, his girlfriend, played by the future mayor, confronts Brian’s skeptical mother.

?Your son is a born leader. Those people out there are following him, because they believe in him and his cause. They believe he can give them hope — hope of a new life, a new world, a better future!?

Actress-turned-mayor Sue Jones-Davies is now trying to overturn the ban on “Life of Brian” in her Welsh town.

“Judith Iscariot” played by Sue Jones-Davies”Judith Iscariot” played by Sue Jones-Davies

We can’t promise you a new life or a better future if you come up with the name of that town. But we can promise you more with Jones-Davies. When we answer our quiz…

Today’s Geo Quiz sent us in search of a town on the west coast of Wales. The town is Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth, WalesAberystwyth, Wales

Its new mayor, Sue Jones-Davies, used to be an actress. The first of her screen credits was for her role in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” That movie was banned in Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth, WalesAberystwyth, Wales

So now, Mayor Jones-Davies wants to overturn the ban. She points out that “Life of Brian” was also forbidden in her hometown of Fishguard.

But that was okay with her. Listen to the interview with Sue Jones-Davies:

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