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The Geo Quiz is crashing a big birthday party today.

In 1608, on this day, Samuel de Champlain established a French colonial outpost in the new world.

As a cartogropher, Champlain had explored up and down the Saint Lawrence River, mapping what is now eastern Canada and New England.

He chose the spot where the Saint Lawrence narrows … To build a fort.

That fort became Canada’s oldest city…. 400 years old today.

France’s Prime Minister was among the dignitaries on hand to celebrate Champlain’s vision:

“He’s talking about what it must have been like for Champlain, almost nothing before them except the unknown thick forest, no law, populated by indians, they brought their hope with a blank map”.

So put the name of this Canadian city on the map for us…

Now, it would be a neat trick to squeeze 400 years of history into one day…

The Canadian city we asked you about in today’s Geo Quiz trying to pull it off.

Today marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city.

Catou McKinnon is a reporter for the CBC.

Werman: Catou what is the name of this city that started its life as a fur trading outpost on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River?

Catou: Quebec City, at the edge of the St Lawrence River…where 400 years ago today Samuel de Champlain founded New France.

The answer to today’s Geo Quiz is Quebec’s capital, Quebec City. It was founded 400 years ago today by Samuel de Champlain as a French fur trading outpost in the new world.

Listen below as host Marco Werman gets details on the commemorative events underway from CBC reporter Catou MacKinnon.

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