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We’re searching for a spy ship for our Geo Quiz today. Remember the USS Pueblo? It made headlines on this day back in 1968.

USS PuebloUSS Pueblo

It was sailing “somewhere” in the Sea of Japan. North Korea says the spy ship entered its territory. The US still contends the ship was in international waters.

In any case, the Pueblo and its crew were captured on January 23rd and the rest is history. Today the USS Pueblo is a tourist attraction that shows up in North Korean propaganda films:

“Many years have passed since the Pueblo incident. But Pueblo, a witness of history and trophy will testify century after century the crimes of aggression by the US imperialists against the Korean people.”

Tourists can even have their photo taken in front of the ship’s deck-mounted machine gun. Hold that pose! And try to name the river where the ship is now anchored.

USS PuebloUSS Pueblo

The answer’s still to come here…

For our Geo Quiz — we wanted you to tell us where the Pueblo is anchored.

It’s been 40 years since the spy ship was boarded and its crew captured.

USS Pueblo

The Pueblo is a tourist attraction. She’s docked in the Taedong River in Pyongyang.

Jason Strother went aboard and gave us this report:

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