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We’re on the trail of 007 in today’s Geo Quiz. The latest James Bond movie is in production right now. Some of the scenes for “Quantum of Solace” are being filmed in the middle of a desert in northern Chile.

Photo: Patrick CoxPhoto: Patrick Cox

The filming caused a bit of a commotion among local residents. They were demanding that the local mayor be released by police.

The mayor got in trouble after driving his pick-up truck right onto the set, and nearly running over the crew.

Photo: Patrick CoxPhoto: Patrick Cox

He was upset because the filmmakers were using his community to film scenes supposedly taking place in Bolivia.

OUR question to you is … what’s the REAL name of this South American desert?

It stretches across northern Chile from the foothills of the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Coast.

Use your secret agent skills to come up with the name. We have security clearance to reveal the answer…

We’re going to declassify the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Photo: Jackie CoxPhoto: Jackie Cox

The name of the South American desert to be featured in the new James Bond flick is the Atacama Desert.

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