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We’re putting a gold stamp on today’s Geo Quiz. Postage stamps figure in today’s quiz.

Countries often honor their presidents, athletes, or even wildlife with special stamps.

That’s certainly true for the African country we’re looking for today. It’s located on the Atlantic coast of central Africa…right on the equator. Its national post office is in the city of Libreville and today it issued a new stamp decorated with gold leaf.

We asked a stamp specialist to flip through this country’s stamps to see if he could spot it:

?There’s cattle, there’s owls butterflies seashells, porcupines, antelopes, local arts and crafts, elephants we got some elephants certainly no gold I haven’t seen a gold one.?

Have you seen this gold stamp? If so, you may know the name of this West African country.

We’re looking for a West African country with a new “golden” stamp. The World’s David Leveille’s got the answer:

Libreville, Gabon is where you can find this special issue golden stamp.

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