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Today’s Geo Quiz takes us to a cold Norwegian town. The music you hear is cold …. so cold in fact that it’s frozen. These are the sounds of an ice orchestra.

Its Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset playing on instruments carved out of ice.

Terje Isungset and Ice Trumpet: PHOTO: VIDAR HERRETerje Isungset and Ice Trumpet: PHOTO: VIDAR HERRE

?Some pieces of ice has amazing tones timbre tones and sounds and some ice has nothing.. you can hear it.?

There are ice drums, an ice harp, even an ice trumpet. It’ll be all ice on stage at an upcoming ice-music festival. The event is held each year at the first full moon in a small Norwegian town in the valley of Hallingdal.

It’s located halfway between Oslo and Bergen. You’ve got a few minutes to name this Norwegian town of musical ice.

Back to the sounds of the ice orchestra we heard in today’s Geo Quiz.

The Ice Music festival that features instruments carved out of ice takes place on the first full moon of the year in the Norwegian town of Geilo.

Organizers say the festival is an ovation to nature, and to one of the most important things in the world – water.

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