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Time now for today’s Geo Quiz.

Maybe you’ve heard of the annual contest in Britain to find the “World’s Biggest Liar”… or maybe not.

The event is held in a small pub and it attracts all sorts of liars, fibbers, and tall tale tellers. The question is where (in what county) does this prestigious event take place?

“It’s the most remote and extraordinarily beautiful place actually, I suppose when you think of such competitions, high rollers and glamour and maybe Vegas come to mind you know, but this takes place in a tiny pub, basically it’s in an area which has highest mountains and deepest lakes and it’s totally remote.”

Do keep in mind this woman sometimes lies. So can you name this English county that’s bounded to the west by the Irish Sea, and by Scotland directly to the north?

The answer to today’s Geo Quiz is the county of Cumbria, in northern England, near the border with Scotland. That much is true. There’s a pub called the Bridge Inn in Santon Bridge in a remote corner of Cumbria that just hosted their annual “World’s Biggest Liar Contest.” The winner this year was a local farmer named Johnny Liar, he claims he grows turnips that are carved out by local people in the Lake District and then re-used as sheds to house sheep.

Sue Perkins, winner in 2006Sue Perkins, winner in 2006

Listen to comedienne Sue Perkins (who became the first woman to win the contest in 2006) as she talks about her prize winning lie, and about the annual Cumbrian tradition.

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