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We’re on the Silk Road for today’s Geo Quiz. We’re looking for one particular stop along the Silk Road.

It’s in western China — and is known as an “oasis city.” Centuries ago, merchants plying the Silk Road used to stop here for some R’n’R.

A lot of trading went on here. Even today the local bazaars are booming. You can buy fruits, carpets, musical instruments, even livestock.

This place is in China’s Xinjiang Uighurs Autonomous Region. The Uighurs are Muslims — and their cultural presence is big in this city.

So — name this stop along the Silk Road — we’ll take you there here…

A city along the Silk Road was the focus of our Geo Quiz today.


The answer is Kashgar in Xinjiang Uighurs Autonomous Region of China.

That’s in the far western reaches of China, home to the country’s Muslim Uighur population. It’s also pretty close to the eastern tip of Afghanistan.

In fact, Kashgar was the location where the Afghan scenes for the movie “The Kite Runner” were filmed. Anne Donohue took a stroll through the streets of Kashgar recently.

She sent us us this audio postcard:

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