Cyclone witness

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The strike of the hurricane came in the early morning Saturday and I heard some big bangs of a roof of another building falling down. From the balcony I could see trees falling down and the sky turned black and there were strong winds. My thoughts were with the people living in simple houses. (Was there any kind of warning?) We saw on CNN and BBC that there was a hurricane coming in. but we didn’t know how hard it would hit. (How did you realize how bad it was getting?) I saw many things flying around and old trees were falling, so Burma had not experienced anything like this in a long time. (And then you saw the entire city go black?) Yes, everything went black and you couldn’t really see anything. I was prepared to go to my meeting at 10, so I started off but it was dangerous and went back. (It must’ve been frightening.) I was not so frightened myself, but worried about other people living in simple houses. (So when you eventually got back to the suburbs, what did you find?) We couldn’t call them, we couldn’t travel through cars, and then we couldn’t find our guide. My feeling was that as an international community we have let the country down.

++ a vivid interview with good descriptions

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