Counting Iraqi civilian casualties

The World

The number of Iraqi civilians who have died in the war so far could be more than a million according to this British polling agency, which says it reached that figure after conducting face to face interviews with 2,400 Iraqi adults around the country. A WHO poll says there have been around 150,000 violent Iraqi deaths between March 2003 and June 2006. a more conservative count from a different British group places the figure around 82,000, but even that group offers a range. This founder of that organization says his group collects data from any public source available but his figure really is a best guest. Human Rights Watch doesn’t even bother trying to track the figure because he believes there are too many obstacles to arrive at such a number. The director says an actual number is not as important as figuring out how and why civilians are dying. He says whatever the tally turns out to be, it’ll be too high.

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