China sticks to relay plan

The World

This was supposed to be when goodwill fomented for the Olympics, but that was when protests broke out in Tibet. In one recent protest, these monks called for the right to freely practice their religion. An eye witness at another recent protest says armed police opened fire and ten Tibetans were wounded and some of the wounded weren’t allowed to get medical treatment. Australia’s Prime Minister publicly recognized the human rights problems in Tibet during a visit to China today as well and it hopes they can be resolved peacefully through dialogue. The Association of National Olympic Committees has played it safer. This spokesman says there may need to be more changes for how torch runs are conducted. The International Olympic Committee Chief downplayed the possibility of altering the torch route, as did Chinese officials today. This Beijing governor had a warning for protesters in Tibet. Many Tibetans would say the Chinese government have been anything but merciful lately anyway. One observer says tens of Tibetans have been killed and thousands detained, while the Chinese government says it’s an exaggeration.

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