Bottled water and the environment

The World

When it comes to water, there are two people: those who buy it in a bottle, or those who drink it on tap. Many people think it’s a waste to import water in plastic bottles from around the world. Drinking bottled water, especially from Fiji, is a choice that costs a lot of energy versus drinking tap water. Fiji water has to travel over 11,000 miles to get to New York City, for example. This Fiji Water official says his water is carbon negative to it’s good for the environment, meaning the trees they plant take carbon out of the atmosphere that we put in. so for every bottle Fiji creates, it plants a water in the Fiji rainforest. And the Fiji Water company says by drinking his water you are doing something good for the environment. This sounds too good to be true, right? Some experts say if Fiji is serious about this and transparent about its carbon use activities, then this could be good. But the idea of Fiji from water is still hard for some to handle, and many residents in Fiji don’t have access to safe tap water.

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