Africans still flock to Europe

The World

Try telling this 24 year old Senegalese man how tough things are in Europe, but he doesn’t see it that way, and he says life back home is even worse. He is at this apartment block, where dozens of West African men camp out. Inside, others watch tv or nap on dirty mattresses. The darkest corners are reserved as a bathroom. This is not the Europe they dreamed of, but still the European dream is still alive back in Africa despite the current economic troubles. And they’re still coming, mainly in overcrowded wooden boats that set off from West Africa. Just two weeks ago, a single boat carrying 230 people arrived at Spain and many of the people arrived overstarved. Social workers have begun worrying about the amount of minors arriving. So the E.U. is trying to dissuade would-be immigrants before they set sail by opening Migration Management Centers. The first one just opened in Mali. Spain already has such a center in Senegal and it’s been a huge success, to an almost overwhelming point.

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