President Clinton's doodling goes viral

Former US President Bill Clinton speaks on stage during day two of the Democratic National Convention at Time Warner Cable Arena on Sept. 5, 2012 in Charlotte, NC.
Alex Wong

A hacker has mined the Clinton Presidential Library and unearthed material that delves deeply into the former president's self-conscious: his doodles.

The notorious hacker Guccifer found and released the bizarre drawings by Bill Clinton to the website Gawker on Thursday.

The doodles, on official documents about the situation in Yugoslavia, depict brick walls, bikes and different versions of the American flag.

A memo about UN sanctions on the former Yugoslavia shows bombs, dogs sneaking up on the president and even what appears to be a man with an erect penis being hit with a chicken drumstick.

The Clinton Library has maintained that it would not release the sketches on the documents made by the former president.

Too late.

And to think that George W. Bush was the only artist (his paintings were also exposed by Guccifer).

All of Clinton's doodles can be seen here.