Norway duo Mona & Maria debut with folk classic

The World
Album cover of "My Sun" from folk duo Mona & Maria.

Album cover of "My Sun" from folk duo Mona & Maria.

Oslo-based DJ, Maurius Asp, has found what he calls "the best summer album from Norway in recent years."

The album, which features 10 original songs, is titled "My Sun" and is the debut effort from folk-pop duo Mona & Maria. 

Asp says musicians Mona Andersen and Maria Knudsen are in the long tradition of vocal harmony that was popular in the heyday of folk music in the late 60s and early 70s. Yet they add to that tradition with very subtle nuances. "Sometimes an eeriness creeps into their voices like clouds on an otherwise blue summer sky," he says.

Asp adds that "the same can be said for the arrangements, elegant and subdued, but effective and often with a hint of dissonance."

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