Norway's Alexander von Mehren Takes Flight with Aéropop

The World
Alexander von Mehren, a 29-year-old Norwegian musician is based in Bergen and has just released an album called Aéropop. He says he chose to call the album Aéropop because it's a way of describing the music. "It kind of symbolizes something airy and fresh, but still accessible like pop music and there's still has a depth to it," he says. The recording of this album took a really long time. Von Mehren started in 2005 and worked on it continuously until 2010. He says his way of working with music is really time consuming. "I write and record everything myself," he says, "mixing it myself, going through the tracks many times and revising until I'm happy with the results." Listen below to the track "La Chanson De Douche." Van Mehren sung it in French. Why? He says that when he wrote it he thought it had a sort-of French sound to it.
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