Rock's bad boy Mick Jagger turns 70, with friends and fans paying tribute (VIDEO)

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Mick Jagger celebrates his 70th birthday on Friday, July 26, and the best wishes, tributes and recollections are rolling in.

The Rolling Stones frontman may have a few more lines on his roguish and rubbery face, but according to Bono they just make him more beautiful.

The Irish Independent quoted the U2 frontman as saying:

“The wrinkles that run through it now have made it even more beautiful. Why? Because he wears those wrinkles well. I love his wrinkles.”

Despite the milestones, there were few suggestions Friday that Jagger should be hanging up his microphone and peel-off pants.

The Independent newspaper pointed out that the Rolling Stones recently capped their "50 & Counting" tour with a concert before 65,000 fans at London’s Hyde Park — more than four decades after they first performed there in 1969.

The Rolling Stones hit their peak in the "swinging" sixties.

Their 1965 song "Satisfaction" gave the group their first major hit on the British and US charts, and the hits just kept on coming.

The Stones recently wrapped up a nine-month tour of North America and Europe, where they headlined Britain’s Glastonbury festival

The frontman of what has more than once been described as the "greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world" reportedly strutted onstage in a sequined jacket.

One newspaper cruelly captioned its photos of the wrinkly British rockers "Night of the living dead!"

However, other remarked that the band had the same raw energy they brought to audiences half a century ago.

"If this is this first time you've seen the band, do come again," Jagger told the crowd, suggesting that a quiet retirement may be some way off yet.

Although U2 surpassed The Rolling Stones to claim the highest grossing concert tour of all time in 2011 with their 360 tour, Bono said he owes his skills to "Mick".

"People despise Mick because they think he only thinks about money, but he is a businessman above all else. The fact is, he understands the business. Why? Because the Stones lost a lot of money in the beginning. I have to kneel in reverence to what he has achieved. What I like about him as a person is that he always speaks his mind openly and he never talks much about himself. He is not a narcissistic person."

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