The Most Welcoming, and Least Welcoming Countries Around the World

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Feeling welcome – it's fair to say – matters a great deal to a lot of people. Especially international travelers.

If you don't feel welcome you move on, or don't go back.

A recent survey by the World Economic Forum asked people in 140 countries this question:

How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?

The answers can be used to make a map of the most and least welcoming nations around the globe.

Now we want you to weigh in.

Take a stab at naming one of the top three countries that are most welcoming to foreigners…

… as well as one of the bottom three, least welcoming places.

So, which countries around the globe are the most welcoming to foreigners?

According to the World Economic Forum survey:

Iceland, New Zealand and Morocco.

And which countries regard themselves as the least welcoming?

Bolivia, Venezuela and Russia

Max Fisher blogs about foreign policy for the Washington Post. He didn't find any single variable to explain all of data. Instead, he spotted a few curious trends layered one on top of another that might explain why some countries tend to welcome foreign visitors, or not.

We also asked you to tell us, based on your own travels, which countries most welcomes foreign visitors, and which are least welcoming.

Here are just a few submissions to get the ball rolling:

Guinnevere from Illinois says "France — is most welcoming, had a great time on the Seine river cruise. Canada — least welcoming with ID check at Niagara Falls."

Alex from Los Angeles:
"Greece — most welcoming. People smile at you before they even know what you're going to say. Hungary- least welcoming. A beautiful country, but everyone scowls."

Laura from Michigan:
"Azerbaijan…the waiter took our cranky 2-month-old on a tour of the small restaurant and made her smile!"

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