Meet Massachusetts's Newest U.S. Senator

The Takeaway
Yesterday a new day dawned on Massachusetts, as John Kerry bid farewell to his post as U.S. senator. And while great things hopefully lie ahead for Kerry in his new post, new things also lie ahead for the state of Massachusetts. Taking over Kerry's post, at least temporarily, will be William "Mo" Cowan, who was hand-picked by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and who also served as the governor's former chief of staff. A Democrat, Cowan will be only the second African-American in the current Senate. This will also mark the first time that two African-American senators have served simultaneously. Cowan will serve until a successor to John Kerry is chosen by the voters in a June 25th special election. Callie Crossley shares more about Cowan and his selection. Crossley is host of Boston Public Radio on WGBH.