Tennis, Gangnam Style: Novak Djokovic celebrates China Open win by riding that horse (VIDEO)


Novak Djokovic beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in straight sets to win the China Open in Beijing on Sunday – and, astonishingly, that wasn't his most impressive performance of the night.

What won the world's number-two tennis player the biggest applause of the night was his on-court victory dance, which was decidedly Gangnam Style.

While Tsonga looked on in bemusement, Djokovic found himself roped into performing the now-iconic dance moves along with a dozen young ball boys and girls.

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The stunt evidently took the sportsman by surprise. He was informed about it during a post-match interview by a presenter who clearly wouldn't take no for an answer, cheerfully wrestling the trophy from his arms and hustling him into position.

"Nothing was planned," Djokovik told Agence France-Presse afterwards. (Not by him, at least, but those ball kids had definitely had some rehearsals.)

"I was talking to fans who suggested to me to do that dance at the end of the tournament in case I win.

"So I had to hold my promise, and it was fun. I think it was obvious that I was the worst dancer there out of the small group, but it still was quite a lot of fun."

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Now, Novak's being a bit harsh on himself there. We think he's pretty good. Maybe it was the euphoria of having just pocketed $2.2 million prize money. Maybe all that bouncing makes him limber in all the right places.

Or maybe practice makes perfect. GlobalPost has found video of at least one other Djokovic jiggle – again in China, and again at the insistence of a female TV presenter. This time, Djokovic performs with opponent Nicolas Almagro, and is noticeably more into it than his fellow player. (We refer you to the bit where he continues galloping, arm aloft, for a good few seconds after Almagro has stopped.)

Ride that invisible pony, Novak!

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