Syria Anti-Violence Resolution Adopted by UN General Assembly

The World

UN General Assembly (Photo: Julian Rotela Rosow/Flickr)

The UN General Assembly on Friday overwhelmingly adopted a resolution written by the Saudis. It condemns the violence by the Syrian government and the Security Council's failure to stop it. The UN correspondent for the Washington Post, Colum Lynch, was watching the vote. He told The World's Aaron Schachter that the UN resolution, which is not enforceable, will have little impact. "It can do absolutely nothing about the violence in Syria," Lynch said. "The whole process of the negotiation collapsed last month when Russia and China vetoed a resolution that was laying out the envoy Kofi Annan's final blueprint for resolving the crisis diplomatically." "The real gravity is shifting to the region, and the next phase of this will be largely military," Lynch observes. "In a way this seems like a bit of a side show."