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What's Up Africa creator and host Ikenna Azuike playing three of his video personas. From left to right: the African strongman dictator, the ugly American in Africa, the Nigerian pastor preaching prosperity.

Ikenna Azuike skewers Africa’s corrupt rulers and seemingly unfunny problems


Making fun of Africa may be an effective way to bring attention to Africa. That’s the goal of a new satire show, What’s Up Africa, co-produced with the BBC.

Rise of ISIS panel

ISIS may disappear much faster than you expect

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits the Aquatic Products Refrigerating Facilities.

Is there hope for resistance in North Korea?

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Lou Reed

Lou Reed’s Berlin

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Members of the "Liwaa al-Sultan Mrad" brigade, operating under the Free Syrian Army, walk along a street in Aleppo's Bustan al-Basha district on September 19, 2013. (Photo: REUTERS - Molhem Barakat)

Syrian Rebels Turn Their Guns on Each Other

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Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

Mexico Battered by One-two Tropical Storm Punch


Dozens are dead and as much as two-thirds of the country has been affected as Mexico has been battered by a series of tropical storms this week. Host Aaron Schachter gets the latest from reporter Jennifer Collins in Mexico City.

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani gestures to the media during a news conference in Tehran June 17, 2013. (Photo: REUTERS/Fars News/Majid Hagdost)

Iran Shows Signs of Detente With the West

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Anchor Aaron Schachter speaks with Carnegie Endowment’s Karim Sadjadpour about what seems to be a promising moment in Iran as well as in its relations with the West.


Australian Town not Happy about New McDonald’s

The residents of the Australian town of Tecoma are fighting against a proposed McDonald’s restaurant opening in their community. The group, known as Burger Off, took a petition of 95,000 signatures to McDonald’s international headquarters in Chicago.

Russian Prime Minister Putin rides with motorcycle enthusiasts during his visit to a bike festival in the southern Russian city of Novorossiisk. (Photo: Alexsey Druginyn/RIA Novosti/Pool/ Reuters)

Vladimir Putin is Hog Wild for the Night Wolves

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Some of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most avid fans are members of a Slavic motorcycle gang known as the Night Wolves. Anchor Aaron Schachter finds out more from journalist Simon Shuster, who’s written about Putin for Time Magazine.

A customer uses a computer at an internet cafe in Tehran. (Photo: REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi)

Iranians Get Brief Taste of Free Access to Social Media

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On Monday afternoon some Iranian social media users got a big surprise. They were able to connect to Facebook and Twitter directly, without the use of proxies. The tweets, however, were short-lived.